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ABC Summer Sports Camp

Every August, ABC employees partner with Kid Sport to run week long sports camps in both Calgary and Victoria, BC. Kid Sport assists ABC with connecting children to this event who may not otherwise have the means to experience it. All costs associated with the camp are underwritten by ABC as each participant is given a full set of hockey and basketball equipment. ABC employs a number of former athletes who organize and conduct all aspects of the camps.

This year ABC solicited the help of Classroom Champions to come in and assist with the classroom development of the lessons we were trying to impact on the participants. Classroom champions sent over two former Olympic athletes to teach the children about the importance of goal setting and perseverance.


ABC Golf Scholarships

Sponsorship of underprivileged children with a golf membership at Calgary and area golf courses to learn the sport and gain new skills.

Candidates must apply by writing an essay on why they believe they deserve the membership and what they intend to get out of it.


Tiny Footprints Event Gala

New in 2016, ABC has become a major sponsor of the Tiny Footprints Event Gala. This Gala is run by the Tiny Footprints Committee, which is an organization focused on raising awareness for pregnancy and infant loss. The Tiny Footprints Rainbow Gala fundraiser; is an event to celebrate the lives, however brief, of those lost through miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. Their goal is to raise awareness and funds for the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Program which provides support to families in Calgary and surrounding areas. In collaboration with the Calgary Health Trust, 100% of the proceeds from this event will go towards supporting families who have had to cope with pregnancy or infant loss.


Classroom Champions

ABC’s sponsorship of this initiative is provided on an annual basis as part of an international program which links Olympic Athletes to a particular classroom where mentorship and guidance can make a big difference. The program targets schools in lower socio-economic areas and is intended to provide students with role models and mentorship delivered by successful athletes.


Breakfast Club of Canada

ABC annually sponsors this program whose initiative is to provide warm breakfasts to all students in a SE Calgary school. The general population of the school is comprised of challenged students and as a lead administrator of the school stated “The school simply does not function without it.”


Swift Current Event – Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre

ABC recently became a major sponsor for the Swift Current event put on by the Sheldon Kennedy Child advocacy centre which is an organization whose mission is help children and youth affected by abuse lead healthy and productive lives. The Swift Current event consisted of the Premiere screening of the film “Swift Current” a documentary of Sheldon Kennedy, former NHL hockey player & survivor’s life after hockey.

Learning Centre

Learning Commons

ABC is working with the Calgary Board of Education to transform traditional libraries into Learning Commons where emphasis is on collaboration, co-creation and sharing. These new areas allow personalization of learning by using a blend of physical and virtual environments in addition to supporting learning by creating a welcoming environment for all students within the school.

Community Garden

Community Gardens

In the beginning, the objective of the G.W. Skene Garden was to give current Grade 4 students an opportunity to apply their classroom learning in a real life context that was both meaningful and hands on.  The school's Garden Club, open to all interested students, gives students exposure to the benefits of gardening, as well as to build an understanding and appreciation of where their food comes from.  As the garden continues to be established in upcoming years, the hope is to engage parents and volunteers so that the garden can further build a partnership between community members and the school.