Brent Allardyce | Owner, P.Eng

Brent began in the refrigeration industry in the mid 70’s and then spent several years at Petro-Canada in process and refrigeration before utilizing his experience to develop Startec Refrigeration into one of the premier refrigeration companies in Western Canada. He then started Thermocarb Engineering Ltd. which provides refrigeration and process engineering to all facets of refrigeration from gas processing to municipal arenas.

Chief Engineer and General Manager of Startec Refrigeration for sixteen years, Brent designed and installed hundreds of refrigeration systems from small single stage reciprocating units to several thousand horsepower systems for large gas plants and meat packing installations.

Brent now primarily concentrates his efforts on providing project management expertise to various clients. His commitment to leading quality projects had made him a pioneer in leading and organizing large scale projects from conception through to completion.


Rick Bower | Owner, P.Eng

Rick is the co-founder of Bower Damberger Rolseth Engineering (BDR) and was responsible for the design and installation of over 4000 facilities over the 22 years he was involved in the corporation.

In addition, Rick developed a reputation for innovative design and utilized his knowledge, along with the extensive operation knowledge of the people he worked with, to optimize facility operations. The design and operation of many Renaissance Energy facilities are examples of his work.

Rick Bower’s expertise lies in maximizing the efficiency and recoveries from existing facilities, particularly from older plants where recent attention has not been paid to these issues.

Rick was Chief Engineer and Partner at Bower Damberger Rolseth (BDR) Engineering Ltd. BDR Engineering was a leader in innovative engineering design, modular construction, plant troubleshooting and operational improvement.