Complete Every Project Successfully

AB Logistics employs an in-house logistics manager who is a key asset to many projects through carefully planned execution of Equipment transfers. Logistics planning is an integral part of the projects success as it is imperative that each item for transfer has sufficient time to ensure that the appropriate permits are in place and that road conditions will allow for ease of transfer.

Additionally, AB logistics assists with contracting out successful crane and transport operators. An RFQ process is implemented and once awarded AB Logistics handles carrier selection, management of the contractor schedule and deliveries, safety and maintenance with the carrier, as well as supervision of vendors while equipment is being built.

AB Logistics assists the project team with the following:

  • Load and off load supervision

  • Project specific route and site studies

  • Logistical coordination (permits, routing and utilities)

  • Equipment confirmation (scheduling, cost estimation and dimensions)

  • Cost and pricing control

  • Transport scheduling

  • Engaging third party contractors to assist with utilities and road permissions